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Item Number:  75-47-8
Chemical Name:  Iodoform
Quantity:  100 kg
Packaging:  HDPE drum
First Quality: 
Certificate of Analysis:  COA
Notes:  General Information : Product Code IA0015 Product Name Iodoform Synonyms Triiodomethane CAS No. 75-47-8 ECS No. 200-874-5 HSN Code 29033990 Chemical Formula CHI3 Molecular Weight 393.73 Structure Product Category API (Antiinfectives, Dermatologicals) Chemical Properties : Appearance Lustrous greenish to yellow powder or lustrous crystals. It is slightly volatile even at ordinary temperatures and distils slowly with steam. Identification While heating a sample of 0.1 g, a purple gas is evolved. Loss on Drying Not More Than 0.5% Residue on ignition Not More Than 0.1% Assay Between 99-100.5% Chlorides Not More Than 0.011% Sulfate Not More Than 0.017% Coloring matter, acids, and alkalies The filtrate is colorless and is neutral to litmus.