Surplus chemicals for sale

Unlike many of our competitors, Allchem LLC has a fully functional chemical plant with warehousing and liquid bulk storage. We specialize in polyethylene glycols. Many of the items below are in our inventory and available at discount. In addition, we have taken several hot items from the chemical marketplace to highlight here.

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Item Number Chemical Name Quantity Price
PG-60 PEG 6000 (Flake) 21,000lbs. .82/lb. FOB Dalton
SF-1 Carbopol Aqua SF-1 Polymer 37,000KG's Make Offer
SK-425 Flocare SK 425 (ammonium polyacryloyl dimethyl taurate) 70,000KG's Make Offer FOB TX
OP-405 Nonionic X-405 OP-35 (70%) 40,000lbs. .85/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
AT-200 Cargil Altor 200 (Polaspartic Ester) 46,200lbs. Make Offer FOB GA
AT-201 Cargil Altor 201 (Polyaspartic Ester) 37,840lbs. Make Offer FOB GA
PG-55 PEG 1450 20,000lbs. Call
X-30 Nonionic X-305 OP-30 (70%) 30,000lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
TMN-6 Nonionic TMN-6 (90%) 1,760lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PG-33 PEG 3350 (Flake) 40,000lbs. Call
PG-200 Polyethylene Glycol 200 (High Water) 3800 Gallons Make Offer FOB GA
PMDI-99 PMDI 40,000lbs. Call
PG-40 PEG 4000 40,000lbs. Call
SY-20 Silicone Modified Acrylic Latex (Sycoat 2020) 17,637lbs. Make Offer FOB GA
KF-36 Aliphatic Polyester Polyol (KFlex X-366) 9,000lbs. Make Offer FOB GA
PG-10 PEG 1000 20,000lbs. Call