Surplus chemicals for sale

Unlike many of our competitors, Allchem LLC has a fully functional chemical plant with warehousing and liquid bulk storage. We specialize in polyethylene glycols. Many of the items below are in our inventory and available at discount. In addition, we have taken several hot items from the chemical marketplace to highlight here.

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Item Number Chemical Name Quantity Price
EL-99 Ethyl Lactate 7,600KG Make Offer FOB NJ
AT-99 Alumina Trihydrate (several Grades) 19,000lbs. Make Offer
SF-59 Sodium Fluorosilicate 19,000lbs. Make Offer FOB FL
IBOA-99 Isobornyl Acrylate (IBOA) 44,080lbs. Call
NP-30 NP-3070 18,720lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PG-60 PEG 6000 (Flake) 10,000lbs. Call
PE-10 PEG 1000 44,000lbs. Call
TN-40 Nonionic 15-S-40 (70%) 7,200lbs. .70/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
TT-05 Nonionic 15-S-5 36,960lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
PG-400 PEG 400 (Color, 2% Water) 45,000 .50/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
ST045 Starfil Starch (For Laundry) 33,605lbs. Call
PS-99 Precipitated Silica (Ongoing) Ongoing Call
TPG-99 Tripropylene Glycol (Bulk Ongoing) Ongoing Truckloads Call
AB-78 Acetyltributylcitrate (Uniflex 84) 10 Drums Call
DM-600 Xiameter PMX-200 60,000cs. (Silicone Fluid) 66,211lbs. 2.25/lb. for all. Call for LTL Pricing
PR-55 Polyester Resin (Eastman Tetrashield MP2000) 84 Metric Tons .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
MP-550 MPEG 550 (Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol) 25,000lbs. Call
MP-750 MPEG 750 (Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol 15,680 .45/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
SB-53 Epoxidized Soybean Oil (Soyflex 6630, Plastisoy 7.0) 11 Drums Call
HPG Hydroxylpropyl Guar Gum (Prime Ongoing) 2,000 lbs. $ 4.50 lb. FOB GA
BC-99 Biocizer (Acetic Acid esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids) 19 Drums Call