Surplus chemicals for sale

Unlike many of our competitors, Allchem LLC has a fully functional chemical plant with warehousing and liquid bulk storage. We specialize in polyethylene glycols. Many of the items below are in our inventory and available at discount. In addition, we have taken several hot items from the chemical marketplace to highlight here.

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Item Number Chemical Name Quantity Price
MP-750 MPEG 750 (Methoxy PEG 16) 15,680 .10/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
L-62 L-62 Surfactant 14,173lbs. .65/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
GB-99 Glycol Bottom Stream (Bulk Ongoing) 90,000lbs./Month .10/lb. EXW Gulf Coast
PG-60 PEG 6000 (Flake) 42,000lbs. .82/lb. FOB Dalton
UZ-21 Ultrez 21 24,440lbs. Make Offer
SF-1 Carbopol Aqua SF-1 26,320lbs. 1.25/lb.
NBR-1 NBR Rubber (Purge) Uncured 5 Tons (ongoing) Make Offer
NI-40 Nonionic 15-S-40 10,516lbs .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
TMN-6 Nonionic TMN-6 1,320lbs. .50/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
OP-35 Nonionic X-405 OP-35 (70%) 21,120lbs. .70/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
ST-90 Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate 90+% assay 1500MT Make Offer
PG-80 PEG 8000 (Flake) 42,000lbs. .75/lb. FOB Houston
NP-15 Nonionic NP-15 3,760lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA
AP-99 Anionic Polymer 40,800LBS. Make Offer
PS-99 Precipitated Silica (Ongoing) 42,000lbs. Call
X-30 Nonionic X-305 OP-30 (70%) 30,000lbs. .75/lb. FOB Dalton, GA