Surplus chemicals for sale


Part Number:  FREE-100
Chemical Name:  LIST OF FREE DRUMS!
Quantity:  N/A
Price:  Free FOB GA
Packaging:  Drums
First Quality:  Call
Certificate of Analysis:  Samples
Notes:  POE 25 Cetyl/Steryl: 450lbs. ADF Additive D: 428Lbs. Tergitol XD: 450lbs. Tergitol XJ: 450lbs. . Dowtherm J (heat transfer fluid): 400lbs. Exceltherm (heat transfer fluid): 480lbs. Air Compressor Lubricant Techtrol Gold: 500lbs Sorbitan Tristearate: 400lbs. MPEG 2000: 500lbs. Tamol SN: 400lbs.